eNavigation® 2014:
Ensuring Operational Applicability
for the Mariner

November 12th and 13th
Renaissance Seattle Hotel – Seattle, WA

The 2014 eNavigation® Conference will cover issues that affect the US commercial maritime industry: vessel operating companies, mariners, ports and government regulators and policy makers.

We will address national and international e-navigation developments as they affect US shipping today and in the future, with an emphasis on operational navigation.

The primary focus of the 2014 eNavigation® Conference as identified at the 2013 event is making e-navigation resources usable tools to increase navigational safety and marine transportation efficiency.

Three underlying themes will drive the discussion:

1. Identifying and resolving differing perspectives: regulators, manufacturers and user groups

2. Current status and future plans

3. Reconciling the e-navigation promise with realistic expectations

Discussion topics include:

I. The current state of the government provision of necessary services and the regulatory environment • Where we are and where we are going

• Implementation timelines

• Opportunities for the maritime industry to influence developments

II. Has e-navigation significantly changed how vessels are navigated? Will it in the future?

• Is e-navigation as user-friendly as it must be?

• How will mariners benefit from enhanced information and seamless transfer and sharing of information?

III. The future of e-navigation

• IHO S-100 as “Common Maritime Data Structure (CMDS) for e-Navigation

• Status of AIS (e.g., AIS Application Specific Messages, AIS AtoN, etc.)

• Changes in VTS in U.S. and Canada?

• The voice of manufacturers in e-Navigation development and implementation?

IV. The challenges ahead

• Validation and verification of data

• Security of data

• Federal Infrastructure issues related to e-navigation implementation


For more information contact Peter Philips at 206-284-8285 or peter@philipspublishing.com.